20 Best Spring and Easter Decorating Ideas

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Bring the spring air and Easter spirit into your home with some of these adorable decorations. Fresh flowers, sweet pastel colors and fancy Easter-themed touches will banish the remnants of winter in an instant.


Help the world to be a better place and give a new lease of life to a couple of old transparent light bulbs. Once the wiring is removed, the bulbs can be easily turned into romantic flower vases to hang on tree branches, chandeliers or window garlands. Free People has a great step by step tutorial – just make sure you’re taking all necessary precautions as you’re going to work with glass. The metal part at the bottom of the bulb can be left visible or covered with a piece of colorful fabric for a total vintage effect.

Bulb vases


With a little imagination and creativity, you can use almost anything to add Easter cheer to the upcoming holiday tablescape! Would you believe an ordinary egg crate could look so amazing as a centerpiece?  Just fill the holes with transparent plastic cups and put fresh flowers inside. This can make a fantastic gift for your friends – something simple and inexpensive yet beautiful and extraordinary.

Egg box flower vase


Tealights are generally not thought of as extremely decorative accessories, but it turns out you can transform them into charming little gems and give your tablescape a serious color therapy. All  you have to do is choose a few rolls of decorative tape with cheerful patterns and glue it around the candles. Washi tape was used in the example below, but it may well be any other kind of tape you love or just strips of fabric. When the candles are ready, put them on a nice tile to boost the effect and avoid nasty heat marks on your furniture.



Monograms are one of the hottest trends in home decoration – they look great on the wall,  on mantels and on the entry doors alike. And what better way to finish them off in early spring than with imitation of grass? Just get an oversized chipboard letter or cut out letters from a piece of cardboard and cover them with moss allover using hot glue applied section after section. Depending on your taste and the way you’re going to use the monogram, you can leave it plain or embellish it with tiny flower buds and attach colorful ribbon to the top. So pretty!

Moss monogram


Fresh flowers are always a good idea (unless you’re allergic), and they don’t need extra adornment to make impression, but this flower-and-egg centerpiece is nothing but perfect. You will need a tall glass or thin vase filled with water, a large transparent canister to place the vase in, and a number of eggs died in sweet pastel colors to fill the space between the two containers. Oh, and the flowers! Tulips, roses, hyacinths and gerbera daisies will make a dazzling bouquet.

Easter flower vase


Looking for an idea to decorate your spring mantel? How about these adorable pinwheels made of scrapbook paper? Pinwheels are not only cute and whimsical little decoration, but they are also  super easy to make and can be used for different occasions (find a detailed tutorial here). To give your mantel a decidedly spring-like look, add wooden letters covered with decorative paper and use a sheet of green burlap as the base to bring a little more texture and interest. By leaning a small chalkboard against the wall, you are giving yourself an extra hip of decorating possibilities.




Your Easter or spring wedding table won’t need much decoration if you adorn it with an interesting runner. Chevron is still one of the hottest trends when it comes to patterns, and the golden yellow brings to mind those warm sunny days we’re hoping will be aplenty this year. Of course, there are other options. Moss runners are an extremely popular idea – a beautiful and unique way to bring the lush outdoors to any event.  Decorated with Easter eggs, candles and touches of flowers, a moss runner will make a stunning centerpiece for the coming holiday.



Making mini vases from egg shells – could it get any easier than that? Not just pretty, but you’re giving an awesome example of household waste recycling. First you need to carefully remove egg whites and yolks by making holes on tops of the shells (they don’t need to be super pretty and regular). Now, wondering how to stand the eggs without breaking the bottoms? Use an old photography trick and stick them onto a small mirror using candle wax. Once the mini vases are secured, fill them with water and put your favorite flowers inside. Display anywhere you need a gentle touch of Easter.

DIY Easter decoration craft vases from egg shells


Let  your ordinary solid-toned tablecloth come into full bloom and make every meal feel like a special event. A bunch of paper or fabric flowers in delicate pastel colors will go a long way in turning your dining room into a spring garden. The flowers can be magnet-fitted, attached with a safety pin or sewn to the tablecloth. Design Sponge features a list of fantastic paper flower tutorials, including instructions on how to make amazing crepe paper bouquet and beautiful peonies from coffee filters. If you’re not into DIY, look for nice fabric flowers in a local crafts store or garden center.

Tablecloth flowers


When spring knocks on your door, make sure you welcome it with all honors. A bouquet of tulips in an original “vase” should do.  A pretty polka-dot ribbon tied halfway the umbrella will create pockets that you can fill with flowers or stuff with paper and then top with Easter-themed decorations of your choice, e.g. died eggs, moss or bird’s nests. If you want to keep the flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials. Or simply use artificial flowers and enjoy your front door decoration for much longer than just holiday time.

Easter Door Umbrella Decoration


The ability to turn humble objects into something beautiful is an inspiring gift. A variation of the umbrella flower “vase”, this rustic front door decoration is not less attractive and will add heaps of charm to a vintage or country cottage style home. The watering can doesn’t need to be new – in fact the more signs of wear and tear it has, the better the effect. Fill it will floral foam to secure the flower stems, add some greenery, and if you want it to be a specifically Easter-themed decoration, glue a couple of blown-out eggshells on top.

Watering can with flowers


If you’re a fan of more traditional front door decorations, this wreath will make a perfect spring project to express your creativity. You will need a medium-sized grapevine wreath, burlap ribbon in two widths and approximately 20 tulip stems. Try to look for really nice flowers – real tulips would last no more than a day, so you have to settle for fake ones, but if you choose good quality product, they will not look cheap and kitschy. The wreath is really easy to make. You will find a detailed tutorial at Polka Dot Chair.

Tulip wreath


Wondering what to do with a bag full of fabric scraps? How about a fun, colorful wreath that takes an hour to make and absolutely no DIY skills except for tying knots? You will need a simple wire wreath and scissors to trim the scraps – make them a little longer than the target length because if you start with pieces that are too small, it will be really hard to tie them. Once you try this cute and super easy project, you will want to repeat it for different holidays and seasons.

Rag wreath


Everyone craves a change from time to time, especially when we’re trying to shake off the last bits of winter, but a major redecorating project is not always the solution we can or want to go for. The easiest and affordable way to give your room an instant makeover is to add a set of decorative throw pillows. Invite spring to your living room by throwing some pastel colors and flower appliques on your sofa. The choice of beautiful pillows is tremendous, and if you don’t mind a little DIY, the web will flood you with inspirations. Just check out those patchworked sprocket pillows or this felt petal applique.

Flower pillow cases


Make a fun statement on your Easter table with these floppy-eared, polka-dotted bunnies. Hot Polka Dot has a picture tutorial that will help you fold your own bunny napkins in split second.

Rabbit napkins


A bouquet of baby artichokes will add a fun flair to your spring home décor. It makes a nice alternative to flowers and will last for much longer, especially if you store it in the fridge at night. To make a nice arrangement, put floral foam into a vase, stick the artichoke heads on wooden skewers and put secure them in the foam.

Artichoke bouquet


Pom-poms are such a cheerful decoration, and they’re easier to make than you think. You just need to fold fabric circles and glue them all around a little Chinese lantern. For some time now, pom-poms like that have been a popular project for weddings, but they have more creative uses and seem perfect ideas for spring home decor. They can be hung in kids’ rooms, above tables or on tree branches when you’re throwing a garden party. Oncewed has a good tutorial with pictures. Have fun!

Fabric pompoms


Put a little spring onto your plates with these easy-to-make napkin rings. Paint wooden rings any color you like and attach real or fake flowers with hot glue. It’s as simple as that.

Flower napkin ring


Whenever you think you’ve seen the most adorable centerpiece project, something else comes along and totally wins your heart. This field of sweet gerbera daisies is such a mind-blowing decoration that it’s bound to draw looks of envy to your spring tablescape. Just plant wheatgrass in a long wooden box, make holes in the soil with a pencil and stick flower stems inside. To make the gerbera heads face up nicely, slide each stem into a drinking straw. If you water the soil lightly, the flowers will stay fresh and the arrangement will last for longer.

Flower centerpiece


Looking for a beautiful Easter-themed centerpiece that’s cheap and easy to make? Set some beautifully colored eggs on a vintage candelabra (use hot wax if you want to secure them in an upright position).

easter egg candelabra


So, which idea did you like best?

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